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Excerpt from "Time" Magazine...

Flight Attendant Darryl Lenz and her husband Randy were dashing through the Atlanta airport with their 2 year old son, Dawson perched precariously on top of their luggage when Darryl wondered, Why hasn't anyone invented a baby seat that you can attach to a rolling suitcase? A few chopped-up beach chairs later the Lenzes had a prototype. They sat on it for a couple years, nervous about spending the $5000.00 on a patent, but when Randy saw other parent's reactions to the Ride On Carry On - which attaches to roll-on luggage and then folds flat for storage in an overhead bin - he agreed to mortgage their Deerfield Beach, FL house. The chair was sold via the internet in 2002, started winning awards, and this month will debut in the One Step Ahead catalog - considered by many inventors a sure sign of success.

American Way Travel Magazine

American Way magazine was our first PR. Even though American is my airline we went the old fashioned way and sent them a sample to try. It works every time! Most people think, oh, that can't work, until they try it and then they are sold.


Other Magazine and News Mentions

Magazines and newspapers

June 18, 2004 - USA Today

June 6, 2004 - Ft. Lauderdale, Sun Sentinel

June 2004 - New York's Daily News

American Way - "The family vacation just got simpler"

Toronto Star - "A great alternative to bringing a stroller"

New York Newsday - "For children who either can't or won't walk those long airport or train corridors, here's a way to hitch a ride aboard the luggage."

Hemispheres - "Does away with the need to carry a stroller for traveling tykes.

LA Times - "Taking the kids is more fun and manageable"

Toronto Globe and Mail - "A simple but effective solution to equipment overload.

In Business Las Vegas - "Invented out of necessity by someone already nestled in the transportation industry. Darryl Lenz transformed her idea into a product based on thousands of hours of experiancein her respective career.

Dallas Morning News - "Winner in our Book!"

Business Week - Best New Products

We never knew we were even being considered, but the day this article came out we received too many phone calls and orders to count. Then a call came in from Europe to distribute there and I finally asked, "Where did you see us?" and he said, "Business Week chose your product as one of their best new products of 2003!" I was shocked and thrilled and we were on our way...

Featured on TV

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  • Nov. 10th 2004 - "Good Morning America"
  • Sept. 3rd 2004 - " The View" on ABC
  • July 7th 2004 - "Home Shopping Network"
  • May 16th 2003 - WSVN Channel 7 Miami w/ Belkey's Nerey
  • July 2005 - "Inside Edition" w/ Deborah Norville


  • KYSR in LA w/ Jamie and Danny Bonaduce
  • Kidd Kraddick in the Morning in Dallas
  • KFRG in CA - Frogmen in the Morning