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of Ride On Carry On


Hi, my name is Darryl and the “Ride On Carry On” was an idea that came to me when I was traveling with my 2 year old son Dawson. That handful of an experience along with nineteen years as a Flight Attendant, I have experienced the family travel struggle! Strollers, bags, toys, passports and everything else that goes along with traveling and especially travel with children.

I felt there had to be an easier way. So along with my husband Randy’s help, and after years of testing and design work, we have created a safe and simple solution for traveling that eliminates the need for bulky strollers. Traveling does not need to be so difficult anymore!

When We Started…

When we started with our initial design we lent it to friends and fellow airline employees. The feedback was so positive that we decided to patent the idea and go into production. What we offer today is the culmination of many hours of work, thought and safety testing.

We think you, too, will appreciate “Ride On Carry On” for all the convenience it provides. You may even wonder how you ever traveled without it.

We promise you will find it much easier to get through security, on board and straight to your seat using the “Ride On Carry On”. Best of all, no more waiting at your destination for your stroller!

Your kids will love it and the benefits to you and your family will seem almost like a miracle. The peace of mind and convenience that comes with this secure and easy to manage solution helps any family. Most of all I’ve seen the miracles happen most with families that need a little extra support during difficult travel times due to illness or other life events that are full of stress.

Relieve your stress, reduce your check in baggage and travel safe with little ones. Maybe you’ll even have your hands free for a coffee!


Have a great trip!

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