Have you noticed? The days are getting a little shorter, the nights a little cooler and the Dog Days of Summer have come to an end this week! I know you are anxiously waiting to soak in the last bits of sunshine and take advantage of your kids being off from school to squeeze in that last vacation for the summer. Don’t forget to bring your handy, trusted Ride-On Carry-On along for the trip, your stress-free companion that instantly converts your rolling luggage into a travel stroller effortlessly!

But if you’re all done with the family vacations and are getting your kids ready for the upcoming school year, you are in in luck! Not only are the store aisles filling up with school supplies and bookstore lines filled with last minute summer reading buys, you need to start prepping your for early morning routine and homework deadlines.

Prepping your kids for success is not easy feat, check out our Australian experts over at KidSpot for ‘50 clever back to school hacks that make life easier‘. Easing them into their new schedules and new responsibilities before school starts will allow them to lessen the shock and adjust at a manageable pace. There are tips and tricks for meal-planning to prep-efficiency for their breakfast and lunch. If you are not worried about their daily food intake as they are subscribed to a meal plan, then there are handy tips for school supplies and how to organize their desk at home to optimize their study habits. You may need to give up your refrigerator, but it is a small price to pay for academic success! And if your little one has to leave their best friend behind at home while they go to school, why not increase the dose of love with some of the best treats from Ry’s Ruffery, not only are they yummy, they are made with love!