There is nothing like baking that can bring a parent and a child or a grandparent and a grandchild closer together. Whether you are following the steps of great-great-grandma’s treasured family carrot cake recipes or experimenting with one that you found online – all you need is the desire and the ingredients and you are well on your way! Don’t forget, if you’ve got to fly to get to a kitchen, bring along your Ride-On Carry-On – it’s key equipment for getting through the airport with your kids seamlessly!

Our friends over at the Food Network share some tips on prepping for a fast and breezy cleanup and lots of teachable moments when ‘Baking with Kids’ and six of the ‘Best Baking Recipes with Kids’ – yummy Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars and Cream Cheese Frosting that can top off just about anything!

Now Dominos Sugar really rolls out the dough and sprinkles on the sugar with their A to Z guide of ‘Baking with Kids’. Not only does it provide instruction on the various types of equipment, ingredients and safety guidelines and precautions; it looks at baking as an opportunity to learn, explore and “cultivate scientific curiosity”

In case you are out of inspiration and have some fruit and ready-to-roll croissant pastry in the fridge….you can make some ‘Curly Twirlies, Strawberry Tarts, Blackberry & Coconut Squares, Apple Berry Crumble, check out all the possibilities with these 52 ‘Kids Baking Recipes’. Maybe you haven’t had the time to plan out the ingredients, but need a simple fix, check out Scratch and Grain’s delicious Cookie Kits – a fantastic option for home baked goodness without the risk.

Our Ride-On Carry-On Family would love to know what you’ve got baking in your ovens. Share any stories, videos or photos of your holiday travels or baking expeditions!