If you’ve strapped on your Ride-On Carry-On to your luggage, making your airport experience a breeze, to gear up for the flight into San Francisco with your kids for #SB50; the NFL has some great activities in store! The NFL Play 60 Zone will allow your kids to test their pro ball kicking, snapping and passing skills or run through some agility drills. Want to dress the part and wear the official NFL equipment? No problem, anything is possible and according to the article ‘Super Bowl 50 arrives in the Bay Area. What’s in it for kids?Super Bowl City is built in San Francisco allowing fans to get a taste of some Super Bowl 50 family-friendly fun including a 40 feet tall screen, concerts, competitions, ice cream, food and more! If you find yourself closer to L.A., then check out ‘Five Kid-Friendly Alternatives to The Super Bowl in Los Angeles’ with creative and artistic activities, an arcade for family entertainment or explore and discover fossils at the tar pits.

For those of us that will be staying closer to home, Nickelodeon is getting into the Super Bowl spirit and promoting its football themed shows. If you are in need of tips on ‘How to Have a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party’, there is plenty of fun that can be had all weekend long! The article covers it all, from the Pre-Game crafting to Game-Time gaming and the Half-Time fun to be had in between! Get your food in the festive football mood, too. Maybe some friendly competition – Denver’s Bison Burgers vs Carolina’s Shrimp with Grits. Or have some fun with creative pizza or kebob creations. You can always count on your local pizza shop to save you from cooking with some wings, sandwiches and pizza; whatever you decide, get everyone involved and don’t forget to be safe and have a family-filled blast! xoxo Ride-On Carry-On