Time is so precious. And the time that your kids spend with their grandparents, that’s priceless! With the daily hustle bustle of school, sports, crafts and the like, our kids are busier than ever. Whether the grandparents live nearby or they are an annual visit during the Thanksgiving, Christmas or summer breaks, there are plenty of activities to get everyone bonding.

We at Ride-On Carry-On want you, your kids and your parents to make the most of your time together. Huffington Post in partnership with State Farm® breaks it down for you. They factor in the age of the child, their personality and their activity preferences, along with the season, the family proximity and a whole slew of other things. It’s a great infographic that you can print out and brainstorm ideas as you are riding together in the car or flying high in the sky on the way to grandma’s and grandpa’s house! And the best part is that you don’t have to outgrow it, as it takes you well through your child’s teen years and into their twenties.

Now if you are or know a new grandparent, a grandparent-to-be or just need a refresher, Fisher-Price has created a great resource of articles on Grandparenting, everything from ‘How to Really Help’ all the way through to figuring out ‘Your New Identity as a Grandmother’ and ‘Special Events: Activities, Meals, and Vacations’. So after whizzing seamlessly through the airport with your Ride-On Carry-On, converting your rolling luggage into a travel stroller, and your family’s breezy flight (Pack It Up & Fly Right, Preparation Is the Best Mitigation) to grandma’s and grandpa’s house; nothing brings families together like a hearty and tasty meal. Check out the article to set expectations for all involved around family dining, out at a restaurant or at home. Planning is the key, bring the at-the-table-activities and consider that meal time can help with the grandchild’s behavior and etiquette. The key is to be specific if any help is needed with – food, money or chores and don’t forget family traditions are important too! My time talking with my grandmother and sharing stories will always be treasured and shared with my children! So get involved when asked and remember to grateful regardless, because after all, tis the season!!