With a new year upon us; it is time to take a new perspective on your dreams, plans, goals and aspirations — why not make it a family affair and get the kids involved from the start!

Our friends over at Parents Magazine share some invaluable advice from trained specialists in “8 Ways to Help Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions” for making it a habit-forming and positive experience for the whole family!

The key is to make it age-appropriate, actionable and manageable. Pick three individual resolutions and one that the whole family can take part in for the year and break each one into 10 steps or more by time-frame or activity. Keep them in a positive tone and don’t forget to highlight some of last year’s success stories. Knowing that Katie learned how to play “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star” on the piano and performed it at a recital, not only inspires her to continue, but also provides a model to apply to other resolutions or activities in the future.

One Family goal can be about planning your next Spring vacation. Someone researches and proposes where to go. The family votes. Someone is in charge of planning out the activities and booking hotels, flights and tours. Someone is in charge of figuring out the food needs; breakfasts, dinners, snacks and more. Someone is in charge of luggage and most importantly attaching the Ride-On Carry-On to your suitcases, breezing your way through airport!

Want to challenge your family in other ways and having trouble thinking of something? No fear, check out some ideas “10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Kids Made” to kick off your brainstorming… The great thing is that you can combine them. For example, riding a bicycle incorporates “Learn New Things”, “Adopt a Green Lifestyle”, “Always Have Fun” and “Start Exercising.”

There are a lot more details in the two articles, so make a resolution to read through the articles and apply some of their suggestions – you may be surprised in what you can accomplish individually when you have the support of your family!

Share your resolutions with your extended Ride-On Carry-On family, it’s gonna be a great year!