As a women entrepreneur, I look for inspiration and wisdom all around me and especially from other women leaders and in business. Simply put, women have a different perspective; whether it is a result of our genetic makeup or our shared experiences. On Shark Tank, Ride-On Carry-On was fortunate to draw the attention of the only woman on the panel in Season Two, Barbara Corcoran. She brings advice and insight that is unparalleled.

I want to share some #motivationmonday with my readers, an article at Refinery29, titled 8 Powerful Women Share Their Best Days Ever

Melinda Gates shares how she was inspired by a mother in Nairobi and works tirelessly through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help mothers across the globe fulfill their own mission of motherhood – raise children that have a chance to live full, healthy and prosperous lives of their own.

Vijaya Gadde shares the experience, hard work and commitment to defend transparency and freedom of expression across the world along with her litigation team at Twitter in federal district court, in their case against the United States Department of Justice.

Katia Beauchamp focuses on Birchbox’s collaborative and company building ‘hack day’ event that brings together all individuals at every level to collaborate, brainstorm and develop solutions that impact the company and the employees.

Helene Gayle shares in ensuring that aid and assistance is provided to the population that would directly benefit, empower them and expand their reach as McKinsey Social Initiative did with the Minority AIDS Initiative, funding went directly to the at risk pop communities of color.

Jess Lee shares the sense of security and insecurity during the time that Polyvore was acquired by Yahoo, the challenges and the rewards.

Jennifer Hyman shares in celebrating outstanding people at Rent the Runway and ensuring that people feel as though they are a part of a family. Personalize the experience instead of using a template, and never, ever underestimate the element of surprise.

Salle Yoo recalls her attaining partnership at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP as an opportunity to inspire, prove the possibility and pave the way. By breaking it down into repeatable and actionable steps for other minority women attorneys to create their own pathway to partnership.

Barbara Corcoran shares that there are no mistakes in life; when something unexpected happens make the most of the situation, learn from it and apply it. She recalls a time when her company was solely focused on rental units and was presented with a high end sales opportunity. Unexpected? Yes. Did she turn them away? Heck no! She found them two properties and with the earned commissions, hired five salespeople that week. Two years later, she was almost at 1,000.

These 8 Women leaders share their humanity, humility and business accomplishments; the bottom line, working to make the world a better place to live. I encourage you to read through their stories, you will be able to relate with their struggles and share in their triumphs!